My Favorite Color

It’s the color of the magnificent. Wrapping up in it’s blanket makes you feel protected yet still visible, in a warm, reassuring way.

It’s luxury, but not the kind of luxury people wage wars over. It’s better than that.

It’s the time between sunset and the night, when everything is peaceful and the stars begin to glimmer on the horizon.

For me, it’s a way to express myself. Associating myself with this color tends to let others in on some of my secrets; the way I view the world.

It’s a way to stand out without causing a scene. Without unwanted attention. Yet those that see you in this color know you are special; that you are royalty of some kind.

It’s neither masculine nor feminine. It draws no lines. It’s the color of true love. None of that fake pink associated with infatuation.

It’s the color of reassurance. Of strength. Of nobility.

It’s safe yet expressive. I wear it with pride and it tells everybody everything they need to know about me.


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