Comfort and Doldrums

In my veins, a liquid of swirling emotions always there, you are always there with me

Can’t escape the memory, feeling, gold fringed hopes and dreams

Nights where the sky was endless my heart was endless and crying over some new emotion would leave bloodshot eyes shaking pale hands and the anticipation of a kiss who’s taste would send me into a euphoric coma 

wanting to awaken only in those arms

Dry eyes from staring at this world, face to face, cut and ripped open for every vulnerability I’ll ever have to be exploited in the long hours of the waning day waiting for some answer, waiting for that dream fulfilled, waiting forever

Realizing that one and one don’t always make two and that sometimes you just have to give up

Give in and sink down into the recesses of a dull life of ill comfort and doldrums for the sake of belonging with the rest of the plain colored world that doesn’t dream like we do, that doesn’t know what it’s like and never will

Who have never had the pains of a thick red destiny creeping upon them every night because they’ll never figure out just what went wrong, what will go wrong, and why everything in the world is just so wrong

Who have never cried for the sake of beauty, wishing that they could bask in the immaculate glory of a flower, perfectly made crying drops of dew in praise of its creator,

Or who have never had their breath stolen from them at the sight of a sunset, the cool reassuring waters lapping at the earth’s very soul, with flames of orange red and pink fading up into a blue eternity, containing the riches of the heaven

Who have never loved and hated like I have, who have never dreamed like I have, and whose place in society I will now take as I accept the hollow fate of a confused life, left only to rot in the soul of someone who just doesn’t have it in them anymore

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