On Language and the Possibility of Prescriptivism

I consider blogging part of my job now. When you want to become a professional writer, you have to take every opportunity you can to write and to learn... and to have your grammar ripped apart. I admit, I haven't been a saint when it comes to pleasing the grammar gods, but I haven't been … Continue reading On Language and the Possibility of Prescriptivism


Scare Tactics, Part 1: The Powdered Creamer Atop Mt. Counter

My parents used scare tactics on me when I was a child and, given my genetic propensity toward anxiety, it probably wasn’t the wisest method of child-rearing in retrospect. Take, for example, the story that inspired this post: At a mere five years old, I made frequent, albeit unsuccessful, attempts to scale our kitchen counters. … Continue reading Scare Tactics, Part 1: The Powdered Creamer Atop Mt. Counter

Cult of Personality

Whenever I take the Myers-Briggs personality test, I often wonder if I’m answering the questions correctly or not. I know that statement is absurd, given that it is a purely subjective test, but I still feel as though I’m doing something wrong. Interestingly enough, the material concerning my personality type actually addresses this kind of … Continue reading Cult of Personality

Taphophobia: Saved By the Bell?

Whether it’s a full-blown phobia or something that just scares the bejeezus out of you, we all have that one thing that makes us weak in the knees. Maybe it’s ghosts, clowns, or even spiders. For me, my biggest fear is that of being buried alive. No, of course this is not rational. But in … Continue reading Taphophobia: Saved By the Bell?