My Freelance Writer’s Resume

Employment History

Freelance Writer and Editor at Self-Employed

Samples of my work can be found here: My Portfolio

Author of the Blog, Writing Nerdy, at

Fluent in AP and MLA Style. Experienced with WordPress. Beginner’s knowledge of HTML and CSS, but always willing to learn more.

I have experience with digital marketing, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Inbound Marketing. I’m well-versed in Statistics, which helps in analyzing market research.

I’ve authored: blogs posts; white papers; press releases; legal articles and case summaries; technical articles and manuals; scientific papers and articles on health and medicine; product descriptions, advertisements and reviews; and informative, educational content and how-to articles.

I’ve worked for a variety of content mills and websites, such as:

06/2012 – 1/2013 – Creative Consultant at BizNameWiz
I conceptualized innovative business and product names for companies, helping to create their brands

Constant Content
The Content Authority
Media Bistro



08/2000 – 05/2006:  Auburn University

Cum Laude – 3.49 GPA
Bacheler of Arts in Philosophy

Minor in Mass Communications
Minor in Physics

Honor Societies:
Phi Sigma Tau (Treasurer, Webmaster)
Sigma Pi Sigma (Secretary)
Phi Kappa Phi


– Dudley Academic Scholarship (4 years)
– College of Science and Mathematics Scholarship (2 years)
– Alabama Philosophical Society’s 2003 Undergraduate Essay Competition Winner for my paper, “Normative Entities and Obligations

05/2008 – 05/2009 – University of South Alabama

I took several semesters of upper-level Psychology courses, with the hopes of obtaining my BS; however, life got in the way. I plan on going back in Fall 2020, this time as a Master’s Student.

While at South, I took some useful courses with regards to writing, research, and statistical analysis (e.g. Google Analytics): I made a 100 in Statistics and a strong A in Research Methods.


What I Offer my Clients:

Passion and Dedication

I love and live to write. I have a fascination with words and their usage, along with the study of linguistics as a whole. I believe my unwavering passion for writing, which has continued for almost 30 years, gives me an advantage over other authors. If you aren’t moved by words, if you never find yourself holding your breath at the end of a novel and if you would rather use a boring verb since you don’t want to bother racking your brain for the verb that is *spot-on* then you aren’t a writer. At least not in this little lady’s opinion.


Based on the comments and client ratings I have received thus far, I have a history of pleasing clients with “excellent” work. Should a client request that changes be made, I am always willing and happy to do so; I promise to never give a client something that fails to meet his or her expectations and I will work for as long as is necessary to remedy the situation, ensuring that my client, and myself, are happy.

A Love of Research

As an avid learner, I take pride in thoroughly researching material of all difficulties in order to provide in-depth knowledge to the readers. However, should the topic prove complicated, I am still able to present it to readers in such a way that it can be understood by all. In other words, I write with clarity on even the most technical of subjects, making them accessible to the target audience.


My creativity and passion for writing provides for my unique voice. Because of years of experience composing such a varied portfolio of work, I’m able to write in a wide variety of styles. Whether it be a technical articles or an entertaining blog posts, it is easy for me to employ whatever style my client might request. My ingenuity affords me with the ability to generate unique topics and original article ideas, which I share with my clients with the hope that I’ll be able to produce something great.

References available upon request.

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