My Writer’s Resume

Copywriting Experience


I have authored numerous blog posts, research papers, critiques, scientific articles, product descriptions, health articles and more. I’m also fond of article rewrites, as I am able to take the information and present it in a completely original way, while never compromising its content. I have yet to receive anything other than great feedback.


I am able to write in a wide variety of styles, ranging from professional, technical articles to casual blog posts. Thanks to my experience writing in such different styles, I can easily employ whatever voice or tone, as wished by my client.


I especially enjoy learning and take pride in thoroughly researching material in order to provide readers with in-depth knowledge; however, despite the understanding I have of the topic, I present it to the audience in such a way that it is easily understood by all. In other words, I can write with clarity on even the most technical of subjects, making them accessible to readers.


I frequently find new and intriguing angles for common subjects, so as to keep the audience entertained, and perhaps trick them into learning something knew without realizing it.

As a creative writer myself (poetry and prose), I can use words adeptly to convey emotion or urgency, which is helpful when discussing sensitive subject or even while talking about topics that might require a call to action.


My writing expertise includes:


– General copywriting

– SEO optimized articles

– Health and medicine
– Product descriptions and reviews
– Academic articles
– Technology, including computers, televisions, tablets, phones, and much more
– Video games or gaming in general
– Blog posts
– Fiction
– Scientific and highly technical articles
– Legal articles

– Proofreading and editing


What I Offer my Clients:


As a creative and overly-imaginative child, I began my writing career by authoring poetry and prose. Over the years, my passion for writing continued to grow. During my college career as a Philosophy major, I was afforded many invaluable lessons from my professors, not only concerning writing, but also about life. They also provided me with the opportunity to write more papers than I can remember


Passion and Dedication
I love and live to write. I have a fascination with words and their usage, along with the study of linguistics as a whole. I believe my unwavering passion for writing, which has continued for almost 30 years, gives me an advantage over other authors. If you aren’t moved by words, if you never find yourself holding your breath at the end of a novel and if you would rather use verb X since you don’t want to bother racking your brain for the correct verb, then you aren’t a writer. At least not in this little lady’s opinion.


Based on the comments and client ratings I have received thus far, I have a history of pleasing clients with my “excellent” work. Should a client request that changes be made, I am always happy to do so; I will never give my client something that fails to meet his expectations, and I will work for as long as it takes to remedy the situation so that my client, and myself, are happy.


A Love for Research
Let me preface this by stating like I love writing in general; however, I especially like writing on topics about which I know little-to-nothing. The required research grants me the opportunity to learn something new, for which I am always thankful. Eagerly equipped with my new knowledge, I can use my words to share this information with the world.

I have access to several academic databases, courtesy of the University of South Alabama’s library, making it easy to find in-depth scholarly resources for research on almost any topic. These databases include a large variety of articles, journals, academic journals and e-books.


My creativity and passion for writing provides for my unique voice and style. This ingenuity also blesses me with the ability for generating unique and original ideas or topics, which I will happily share with the clients with whom I am currently working.




Auburn University 2000-2006
– Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; GPA: 3.46 Cum Laude
– Minors in both Mass Communications (Film) & Physics

University of South Alabama 2008-2009
– Studied five semesters of upper-level Psychology courses



Alabama Philosophical Society’s 2003 Undergraduate Essay Competition Winner for my paper, “Normative Entities and Obligations.”



References available upon request.



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